Yes, it’s that time of year.  Funny how we have babies year ’round but it’s about this time of the year when it seems we’re all about planning for all those fun events and occasions.  The best way to save is to have a plan.  There’s another way too!  Have some tricks up your sleeve, some good creative ideas to try out.  I love crafting and well, showers are just so much fun to craft n create for.  You just can’t help but see all the great ideas and getting the urge to get your craft on.  i was looking through some ideas and well, these are sooooooooo adorable yet super budget friendly!!  We know showers can get out of hand with costs quickly, so planning, some elbow grease (aka diy ideas) can go a long way to stretching the budget.

baby shower favors on a budget

Budget Loving Baby Shower Favors

  • Pedicure In A Jar .  So, these… well these would be great for a wedding shower, girls party favor and yes, even holiday gifts!  Keep your eye out for sales at drugstores, etc..  I’ve got to tell you, I’ve gotten many of these items for FREE.

pedicure in a jar favors

  • Cotton Candy Cones .  How sweet and colorful do these look!  Not a sweets fan, use those bath scrunchies in pastel colors for the cotton candy filler!  These are another multi purpose gift idea.  Would be great for local fairs too!!

cotton candy shower favors

  • Teacup Succulents .  Going for an elegant, classy, garden party theme?  These are your pick!  You can pick up teacups pretty much anywhere like dollar stores as well as thrift stores and yard sales for pennies.  No need to go matchy matchy either.  Want to really save?  Plan ahead and start splitting some of your own plants to multiply for the occasion.   I am in LOVE with these!

tea cup shower favors

  • Duck Mason Jars .  Who doesn’t love ducks at a baby shower?!  Pretty much no one, they scream baby shower.  Get your craft on and in just a short time elevate those rubber duck wonders into favors fit for royalty!

ducklings baby shower favor

  • Sugar Scrub Flowers

sugar scrub shower favor

  • She’s About To Pop

pop favors crush

  • Baby Bottle Bath Salts

bottle shower favors

  • Raspberry Lemon Lip Balm

lip balm shower favors

  • Princess Crown Jar Favor.  You could totally change up the color and headpiece on this for a boy theme too.  

pink princess party favor

  • Hershey He or She.  Who doesn’t LOVE a Chocolate Bar!!

Hershey's shower favor

Makes you kinda sorta want to have a baby, ha?  O.K., so maybe maybe not.  If you loooooooooooove making party favors but it’ just out of your age group right now.  Like me, most of my friends are having grandkids these days.  Many of the girls I work with are just too young to be thinking baby just yet.  If you’re one of those but still have the urge to get your craft on… you can totally make and sell these and others as a service on Etsy, online yard sale (aka buy/ sell ) pages or even start your own facebook page to sell your crafts.  Shower gifts are a hot item, especially this time of the year.  You’d be saving someone a TON of time and a good deal of money if your frugal and watch your budget, stock up on supplies during off season sales.  I can see this absolutely being a great side hustle for many!

Don’t forget to get registered for your baby ‘wish list’.  Check out these great registries with benefits here.

I saw this on Amazon this morning and it was listed as Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, but still pretty affordable considering all the ways it can help you stay organized.

So, what are some favorite Shower favors you’ve gotten or made in the past?

affordable baby shower favors

This post on budget loving baby shower favors was so much fun ! You guessed it, I’m back with more. Check out more Budget Friendly Baby Shower Favors in this post!

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