My second baby has been sharing our bedroom for the last year. In fact we had his nursery in the master bedroom right from his first day home! There are many reasons why people decide to create a nursery in their bedroom, whether it be because parents want to room share for baby’s first year or perhaps there isn’t a spare bedroom for baby.

There are several ways to create a peaceful, beautiful nursery in your bedroom, regardless of the reason you choose to do so or even how small or big of a space you have.

1. Pick a Wall

Choose a wall in your bedroom that can be for the baby. If you have to move furniture around to make that happen, I still recommend dedicating an entire wall to do so.

I know it’s not alway possible when putting together a nursery in a master bedroom, so you can also choose a corner or half a wall space, if you’re short on room!

2. Choose Space Saving Nursery Furniture

This is the key! When you don’t have an entire room for a nursery, you need to organize the nursery with space saving nursery furniture.

One item I think it super helpful is a crib that has an attached changing station with drawers like this one. You can also go the mini crib route (which is super trendy right now).

Also, you don’t necessarily need a changing table if you don’t have room for one.

For my daughter, I used hers for every single diaper change, but since my son is in our room we have just been changing him on a towel on our bed or the floor. Both ways have worked great for us, it’s just a matter of getting into a routine and habit.

I also highly recommend a rolling utility cart. You can stash it anywhere in the room to save space and roll it out when you need it. I use mine to hold diapers, diaper rash creams, baby bibs and more.

I’ve also seen people use this as a breastfeeding station!

Source: Hello Baby Brown

3. Organize Like a (Mom) Boss

While the rolling utility cart is a must-have, there are some other nursery organization necessities if you’re short on space.

I love these over-the-door organization racks. I use them everywhere – the pantry, the laundry room, and in our room to store items for my son since his nursery is in our master bedroom.

Baby closet organization

You can also find organizers that hang on the outside side of baby’s crib (where baby can’t reach). This is great for diapers, wipes, creams, etc.

Diaper caddy organizers also come in handy when you’re working with a nursery in parent’s room. You can store them right under a crib or even under your own bed.

4. Storing Baby Clothes with Nursery in Parent’s Room

You can store baby’s clothes in the drawers if you go with the crib/changing station combination. You can also clear some room out of your own dresser to fold and organize baby clothes. I have a night stand with three drawers that worked perfectly to store my son’s clothes. I used the rolling method to organize and store his onesies, pants, etc and utilize drawer dividers to make sure everything fit.

5. Nursery in Master Bedroom? Still Decorate!

Be sure to still decorate baby’s nursery! Start with a focal point over the crib, like a personalized name sign or wall art. If you choose a theme, still pick out cute crib sheets. You can utilize floating shelves to save space and add baby books, toys, and pictures.

6. Floating Shelves to Use Vertical Space for Storage

Ikea Hack for Book Storage

Using floating shelves is a great way to utilize the vertical space in your bedroom. Use shelves like these to display and store books, baby toys, and special keepsake items! The photo above actually uses picture ledges to hold books, which is such a genius idea!