If you are lucky enough to know how to braid then it will make styling your little girls hair much more easy. You can go super simple, like the classic 2 braids style that all little Black girls have worn at some time or another, or……you can jazz it up a bit. Here are 10 super cute braided hairstyles for Black girls that are really popular right now. Hopefully it can give you some ideas for styling your daughter.

Nice spin on the simple 2 braid style

The 2 braids have a thin cornrow down the center with an ornamental trinket hanging in the front. The ends of the braids also have waves that in the mermaid style.

Flat twisted cornrows with a beaded ponytail

This neat style has a few elements but they come together to make a beautiful braided hairstyle. Thin cornrows come together and are flat twisted in a fun ponytail in the back. The ponytail even has beads.
flat twisted cornrows with beaded ponytail

Beautiful Tribal Inspired Braid Style

With Cornrows, stitch braiding with rubberbands and long bubble ponytails this style is beautiful and reminiscent of something very African.
Cornrows and Bubble Ponytails

Swooping Braided Opposing Ponytails with Beading

These thin cornrows are made in a swooping direction to either side to form 2 beaded ponytails. We love the green accessories too! How about you?

Braided Mohawk style with Heart Design

We love this style. Mohawks/Fauxhawks are always fun and this one is an awesome protective style with a little added love!

Cornrows with a Pink Beaded Heart

This hairstyle is gorgeous and the pink beads are just the perfect touch!
Cornrows with Pink Beaded Heart

Two Cornrows with Swirling Braid Design

Another variation of the classic 2 braids style but this time it features cornrowed braids made into a circular whirlpool design. Very interesting and will definitely turn heads.

Braided Half Up Half Down High Bun Hairstyle

This is an adorable twist on another classic. The half up half down meets braids and bows!
Braided High Bun with Accent Braid

Cornrowed Mohawk (Faux hawk) with Braided in words and Blue Accent

This mohawk/fauxhawk hairstyle is made even more special with your name braided right in! It’s topped off with a blue accent color at the top just to add a dash of color.
Braided Mohawk with Name braided in

Cornrow hairstyle with a Message in the beads

This style is like the fortune cookie of hairstyles. You think it’s just braids and then you get the hidden message. Super cute and there are a few of these with different words.
Braids with word design on beads

What do you think about this list? Do you like any of these styles? Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.