Ready for the the big day? Excited for baby’s arrival? Have you packed the essentials in your hospital bag yet? I assume your answer is YES! If not, don’t worry about it. It will come.

Thinking about giving birth and meeting your baby for the first time can be really daunting.

Plus, I get how a person can overdo certain things especially when paired with stress and fear. Believe me.

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But worry no more as I am here to help, my friend! I understand that a first-time mom like you can easily pack the whole house when no one is around to guide you.

So I put together a practical (no-fluff) list of what you really need to pack in your hospital bag.

I included a list for your partner and your new baby as well.

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When to Pack your Hospital Bag

Pack your hospital bag ahead of time (around your 34th week of pregnancy) to avoid forgetting something.

Once your bag is packed, be sure to put it where it is easy to access. I highly suggest leaving it near the door. If the weather permits, consider leaving it in the car.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to install your baby’s car seat the same time you pack your bag for the hospital. The baby can’t be released from the hospital without it.

My kids both had the older version of this infant car seat until they were both so heavy for me to carry around.

They transitioned to this and has been using it up to now. My little boy uses the blue shade and my little girl has the grey. Aside from the fact that it is so easy to install and clean, it is so affordable as well. It definitely is more bang for your buck!

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Hospital Bag Necessities You Need to Pack

Before getting started with packing your hospital bag, consider looking for a good quality rolling travel bag. That way you or your partner can just pull it easily without even trying to carry it.

[I own this for 4 years now and love it! I used it with both my deliveries. I like that it has multi-directional spinner wheels. It really was very easy to pull along.]

Practicality-wise, I suggest you keep all your supplies in one bag too.

What to Pack in the Hospital Bag for Mom

Safeguarding your hospital paperwork, insurance card, and identification card is a given.

The hospital will surely provide you with the basics (gown, non-skid socks, disposable underwear, slippers, towel, soap, shampoo and more). However, it is always nice to be ready and provide these necessities yourself. Here are the must-haves in no particular order:

Bathrobe/Night gown/PJs

If you don’t want to use the hospital gown, bring your own night gown. Bear in mind that labor and delivery can be messy. Leave your new clothes back home.

Socks and Slippers

Those flip-flops are really handy. Bring a pair of those for the shower.

I remember being provided with a warm, non-skid pair of socks and I used them a lot. Surprisingly, I liked them. Hospital floors can be really chilly.

If you choose to provide your own set of socks, go ahead. Your comfort is important more than anything else.


Do you prefer using your own shampoo, conditioner, or bath gel? I don’t blame you. Hospitals only provide the generic kind.

My mother-in-law introduced me to this sulfate-free shampoo right here. Since then, I have never looked back! I am a big fan of the brand though. (That was really why!) Even my kids only use this brand for bath time.

Hair Ties

Is your hair long? Definitely bring a pack of hair ties with you. Trust me on this.

Lip Balm

When in labor, your body experiences a lot of pain and discomfort. Pain triggers the body to react in a certain way. One of the body’s physiological responses to it is a change in skin or body temperature.

Your skin can easily dry out and so can your lips when in pain. Pack your favorite lip balm to prevent this from happening.

Nursing bra and extra underwear

Now you could always go “bra-less” within the confines of your hospital room, but you would definitely want a nursing bra for when you leave the hospital. Invest in a good quality bra. You will be using it for a very long time.

It is always wise to invest in a bra that will not only serve the purpose but will also give you comfort. Check this bra out right here. It is the best!

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Oh! By the way, don’t be bringing that new lingerie if you don’t want it stained, Mama!

Phone and Charger

Your phone is essential to contact family and friends. It is a great tool to snap pictures of your newborn and the rest of the family as well.

It will be one of the most used item in your hospital bag, so a phone charger (specifically with a really long cord) should be handy at all times to keep it recharged.

Something for Entertainment

If you love the idea of a physical book, I recommend you bring a really good read to the hospital. In between pain and discomfort, a good entertainment can absolutely distract you from it all.

If reading something that relates to your current experience tickles your fancy, this book about childbirth right here never disappoints.

Like eBooks or Audibles better? Your tablet is welcome to the hospital. Just don’t forget to bring it back home with you. (*winks)

Sign up to Audible here and try it out for 30 days. You’re getting 2 free audible books as soon as you’re in. If you think it is not for you, you can always cancel after the trial to avoid being charged.

You can also sign up to Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days. Again, remember to cancel your membership if you don’t want to be charged.

Going-home Outfit

Fresh from childbirth, the mama bear in us has a tendency to just focus on our newborn baby that we forget to take care of ourselves.

On that note, start with self-care by looking good and choosing a going-home outfit that makes you feel beautiful and confident at the same time.

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What to Pack in the Hospital Bag for Baby


A newborn baby is used to having a warm environment inside your belly. A hat is helpful in keeping him a little cozy while he is still figuring out how to maintain a stable body temperature outside of your womb.

After two or more days, you don’t have to continue putting a hat on your baby. Only do so when you think you are exposing him to a cold environment (or a very hot one).


To be on the safer side, I suggest that you pack mittens for your baby. More and more hospitals advise against the use of them nowadays, so it is always better to be ready in case you give birth in a hospital that discourages the use of mittens.

According to Dr. Natasha Burgert of though, “Bluish and cool hands and feet are normal on healthy infants, and the cool sensation of extremities likely do not bother baby at all.”

I used to let my babies wear mittens when I was so scared to trim their nails but then I grew ovaries and decided trimming their nails would bring in more advantages.

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Like hats and mittens, socks are needed to provide your newborn baby an extra layer of warmth (especially when your baby is born during the wintertime).

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Swaddle Blankets

A swaddle blanket can help soothe your baby. When done correctly, it can be effective in calming your newborn baby down and help him go to sleep.

Weather-appropriate Going-home Outfit

Think thin layers for the summers and heavy fabrics for the winter. Remember to keep your baby warm, but not too warm.

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hospital bag must haves checklist

Download the ULTIMATE Prepare-for-Baby Kit and get this checklist with it for free!

Hospital Bag Essentials for Dad/Partner

Dads play an important role in the labor and delivery process, so it is just normal to pack his supplies too. Think of something that can help him be comfortable while being encased in a small room with you.

Snacks and Drinks

Dad’s strength should be maintained as he will be the one running back and forth while you are confined in your hospital bed.

Steer clear of strong-smelling food as it can possibly irritate a pregnant lady in labor.

Think of a finger food that doesn’t spoil easily like a pack of beef jerky or some granola bars.

In addition, to keep him hydrated, provide him drinks (preferably water).

Change of Clothes

Daddy needs several outfits (underwear included) to make him feel clean and fresh.

Socks and Slippers

Like what I have mentioned, it can be really chilly in the hospital. Pack some socks for dad.

A good pair of flip-flops will be useful for when he wants to use the bathroom as well.


If daddy prefers to use his own brand of toiletries, pack those up and make him happy.

Phone and Charger

He will be the cameraman and the messenger most of the time, so his phone must be fully-charged.

Something for entertainment

A book, several games or anything he fancies will do wonders in keeping him occupied while you rest. It will also distract him from feeling overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. Daddies can be scared too.

Coins for Parking (or for the vending machine)

You will be staying in the hospital for 2-3 days after delivery. Your car will need a parking space. Most hospitals have free parking spaces you can use, but being ready won’t be harmful.

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Nice-to-Haves You can Pack in your Hospital Bag

Birth Plan

A birth plan is a document that you can share with your medical team. It provides certain information (such as pain management) that can help guide your birth team through labor and delivery.

Here is an example of an extensive birth plan you can check out.

Reminder: You can’t always control what can happen, so keep an open mind. Your provider and the rest of the team will do anything in their power to keep you and your baby safe.


You won’t feel cold easily because your body will be working hard and burning energy really fast when in labor, so this is more for daddy. What’s hot for you maybe too cold for your partner.

Extra Maxi Pads

Bleeding after delivery can last up to 6 weeks (depending on the person). The hospital will provide you with a kit of necessities for labor and delivery, but it is always nice to be prepared just in case they run out (which is very unlikely).

A Sneak-Peek of the Practical Hospital Bag Checklist [PDF]

checklist of essentials for your hospital bag

Conclusion to Hospital Bag Must-Haves

Pack the essentials ahead of time and never worry about forgetting anything.

Get to ticking off those items on your hospital bag checklist as soon as now!

If there’s still room in your hospital bag, include things that will help you feel at home (It is never fun being confined in a hospital bed!).

You got this! Congratulations in advance!

There you have it, Mama! Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments!

Talk to you soon,

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Hospital Bag Essentials [What You Need to Pack]